WeDeex is a vertically integrated SaaS platform, packed with the full range of energy supply features (from supply management through to billing). You can also use WeDeex to manage green energy production, set up peer-to-peer trading platforms using Blockchain technology, create and run microgrids, manage electric mobility, and more.

WeDeex gives people and organisations the freedom to build energy supply, distribution and transition projects their own way. The platform manages transactions across all common operations, from upstream (production) through to downstream (billing and customer management). All the processes are automated, so you save time and get peace of mind when it comes to billing. That’s why WeDeex is the number-one billing solution out there. With its integrated, collaborative architecture, the platform covers the entire energy supply chain from producers right through to end users.

WeDeex takes the pain out of energy supply, paving the way for new energy use models. And with the WeDeex Green T peer-to-peer platform, anyone can start trading energy.

WeDeex embodies the “utility in a box” concept, combining physical and virtual energy supply networks to create the energy internet.